My Top Tips To Organise Kids Toys to Reduce Clutter -

My Top Tips To Organise Kids Toys to Reduce Clutter

Andrea Norton


Today I’m chatting organisation! Specifically kids toys! since were all home a bit more then we used to be, never has my house been so clean and messy at the same time.

I’ve chatted a lot about making my house more functional to help us with our daily life, as opposed to causing more stress and work. And If you have kids (or even if you don’t) here are some of my Top Tips to reduce clutter which could be applied to all areas of your house (and life!)

As my boys Rocket and Archer’s toy collection has expanded, so has the mess. I was looking for something functional and beautiful, that had separation to organise their toys.  If you’ve been following along my Instagram stories I have been learning about Montessori and loving the principles of how you set up and arrange your home, specifically toys.

I’m working on creating a Montessori Inspired playroom, which I will talk about soon, but for the mean time I purchased the IKEA Trofast Storage and opted for the white, smaller containers.

Most of the boys toys are quiet small, so I really liked going with the smaller insert option. I also went with the pine finish, initially I was thinking of painting it, but I really like the natural wood and it goes really well with the house design I’m going for.

Once we assembled the Trofast, I started organising and grouping the toys – this process is great to weed out any toys that are missing pieces, no longer played or toys that are ‘mastered’ and can be donated.  We are also moving towards a plastic free home, meaning I’m trying not to purchase anymore plastic toys, instead looking at wooden toys and/or more ethically made toys.

Well organising through everything it’s a great time to decide which toys your going to put away, so you can rotate the them.  Montessori recommends only having a few toys out at a time to reduce overwhelm, and interestingly enough, once I had finished and minimised the clutter, the boys played with toys that had gone untouched for quiet some time.

My Toy Organising Tips!

1- Go for something that enables you to organise the toys into compartments like the IKEA Trofast, as opposed to 1 large toy box.

2- When organising donate and get rid of toys that are no longer played with (or they have mastered) or missing pieces/parts.

3- Reduce the amount of plastic in your home and do your best to not purchase plastic toys.

4- Organise the toys by activity, Montessori organises by Eye hand coordination, Music and Movement, Practical Life, Arts and Crafts and Language.  If this is a new concept to you, start with grouping the toys with their similar counter parts ( Ie – Train Tracks Together, Trucks, Lego etc.)

5 – Have your toddler help you with the process, my boys had a great time helping and putting their toys into the trays and being involved in the process. My next task is teaching them that once they have played with 1 activity, to put it away before moving on to the next.  It’s all a work in progress, but we all feel better with more organisation, less stuff and less clutter!

I’d love to see your toy decluttering and organisation. Tag me at @andreanorton on instagram so I can see!

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