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I’m Joining The Virtual Party!

Andrea Norton

Natural Health

Happy Easter!

If Easter looked a little different for you this year, I’m sending you lots of love (and chocolate) over this long weekend!

If you missed my Instagram post, I’m really excited to tell you I’m joining the Virtual Online Community, and bringing you the chance to try Essential Oils in your home for FREE and Come Hangout Online with me!

I’m teaching my first Online Free Class tomorrow! So come book your spot and hangout online with me and the community.

These are going to be a little different then your standard (maybe boring?) webinars.

I’m keeping things quick and to the point and fun! Classes are going to be around 30 minutes, specifically diving into how to use Essential Oils to support yourself, family and home during this period.

I will be teaching live! It will be like were hanging out together, smelling oils and chatting all things natural wellness.

You also have the chance to ask me questions directly! Have a burning question? I will be able to help you during the class or if we need more 1 on 1 time we can chat online together.

And For a limited time, if you haven’t tried doTERRA essential oils and have been wanting to give them a try and don’t already have a wellness account, then head here and fill out the info and I will send you a few samples to try for free!

Already Apart of my Oil Community?

Come hang out and Learn!

If your already apart of my oil community and want to come and hangout and learn a few new things you can grab your spot here.  If you need a bit of inspiration and a reboot to using those oils, this is the perfect place for you to be.


I can’t wait to see you all online!




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