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Ikea Kids Play Kitchen DIY Hack

Andrea Norton


Here’s a break down of how I turned this $129 Ikea Kids Kitchen & $49 Kmart Kids Fridge



into this dreamy kitchen and Fridge combo


Supply List

  • Spray Primer – I used Rustoleum
  • Paint Colour British Paint Colonial – I used a sample 500ml of Taubmans paint
  • White Spray Paint – Sink and Tap & Fridge Ice dispenser – I used a cheaper option – I would suggest Dulux or Rustoleum
  • White Linen Chalkpaint Rustoleum – for the kitchen hutch
  • Top Coat/ Sealer – Rustoleum
  • Wooden ‘handle’ is from Bunnings a length that we cut to size – 1 piece cut all 4 handles perfectly.
  • Wooden Knobs are from Bunnings

First I opened everything and laid it out and read the instructions and decided on which pieces I wanted to paint.  I put aside the items remaining un-painted and laid everything out on the the cardboard packaging.

I gave everything a good 2 coats of primer and then started painting the pieces that would go together first. I painted the upper kitchen shelves/ hutch with white linen chalk paint.  I had a can of this already, but I also bought a spray can – which definitely gives a smoother finish. Once that was dry, I applied a coat of the Top coat and then once that was dry I assembled it. I also gave it another coat of the top coat once it was together.

Next sprayed the back panel of the fridge a flat black. I decided on this, because it makes the food in the fridge pop a bit more.


Next I started painting the lower kitchen cupboards and internal the Colonial colour.  I’m really pleased with this colour. I was after a soft, putty colour and it came out really nicely.

Next I assembled the fridge. I sprayed the exterior of the fridge with a 2 coats of primer and then rolled on the Colonial colour over the entire exterior.  I used a little roller and actually really liked it – I would definitely go this option instead of spray paint for these parts of the kitchen.  Again once everything was dry, I sprayed a few top coats over the entire exterior of the fridge.

In between I sprayed every that was going gloss white, which was the sink, tap, metal bar, the hooks, the Ice dispenser for the fridge. I started with primer again and then the gloss white spray paint.  I definitely recommend at least 3 coats of each to prevent scratches.

We decided to under-mount the sink, which Steve measured and screwed all four corners to the underside, which I think gives it a nicer look.

Lastly we put the rest of the kitchen together.

Next we measured and cut the wood for the handles and screwed them on with a bit of wood glue.  We also drilled the holes for the knobs.  To make them so they could move, we put a bit of silicon on the thread hole so when they turn they won’t un-screw.

I also opted not to include the microwave door as we don’t personally use one in our house.  Plus I like the look of added storage.

Finally we made a VJ backsplash by cutting a piece of $4 MDF in half, then into 50mm strips and gluing it to the remaining half.  I painted this linen white and we fixed it to the back of the kitchen.



Here are all the items:

  • Wood food – Kmart & Target (Cookie Tray).
  • Dishes – IKEA (in the kitchen department).
  • Kitchen – IKEA Duktig
  • Fridge – Kmart
  • Knobs – Bunnings
  • Handle – Bunnings
  • Main Paint Colour – Colonial by British Paints
  • White Paint Colour – White Linen by Rustoleum



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